Stadium Design 3d Chicago | NEW SOLDIER FIELD
106 South Blvd #W
Evanston, IL 60202, USA
    3d architectural rendering stadium chicago bears
    New Soldiers Field – Chicago Bears. Studio2a created 291 seat views – one rendering for every section and every suite – for architects Wood & Zapata.

    Studio2a was involved in the controversial refresh of Chicago’s historic Solider Field.  Like it or not, there is no denying this stadium design had some challenges to overcome.  How do you work within the constraints of the past, but modernize the facilities and all the while not affect the idyllic lakefront setting?  Supporters have called it a bold blend of old and new, while critics have called it as a hideous monstrosity.  Whatever you call it – you can call it sold-out for every Bears game and many other events.

    Studio2a created 291 “seat view” renderings to provide the “field view” from every seating section and suite of the new stadium design.  These section views were used for the sales center to pre-sell season tickets. These 3d renderings were converted to museum quality archival slides and projected one by one for prospective customers in a mock suite built in the Chicago Bears marketing center. Rendered images projected on the wall 16ft wide, simulate the feeling of sitting in the future suite or seating section of your choice and create instant sales. The Bears are not alone.

    This pre-sales technique is now the norm for new stadium construction. Studio2a has created 3d architectural renderings for similar major league stadium design projects including the Pittsburg Pirates and the Houston NFL. The renderings are easily incorporated into other marketing materials, such as brochures, interactive cd-roms, or even webpages.

    We know design details are important to our design clients. Studio2a works closely with our clients to ensure all the specified materials, furniture, and finishes are accurately represented in the final image. Since 1998, Studio2a has been creating 3d architectural renderings for architects. As highly experienced and well trained architects, Studio2a understands the importance of a distinguished presentation for your client. Visualize!

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