Hospital Renderings 3d Interiors | CALIFORNIA HOSPITAL
106 South Blvd #W
Evanston, IL 60202, USA
    3d architectural rendering interior hospital


    Architectural renderings of a northern California hospital facility.

    Creating a new standard for health care facilities, these interior hospital renderings illustrate some of the features of HOK’s LEED certified design. Some of these green design features illustrated in the renderings include skylights, open hallways, and interior green spaces to provide more natural lighting to the interior of public spaces and improve the overall health of the building.

    We know design details are important to our design clients. Studio2a works closely with our clients to ensure all the specified materials, furniture, and finishes are accurately represented in the final image. Since 1998, Studio2a has been creating 3d architectural renderings for architects. As highly experienced and well trained architects, Studio2a understands the importance of a distinguished presentation for your client. Visualize!

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