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    3D Virtual Reality Renderings for Architects, Real Estate Developers

    adamk /September 26, 2016 /3D Architectural Renderings, Real Estate Development

    Studio2a partners with architects and real estate companies to develop flawless 3D interactive VR Architectural Rendering for showcasing projects and properties. If you are a real estate developer ask your architect about leveraging virtual 3D animations to take your presentations to the next level.


    3D architectural animation offers customers and prospects the ability to use interactive VR renderings in high resolution to see your design come to life. The immersive experience is completely tailored to the specifications of the project, offering a seamless, easy to use, and lifelike experience.

    Studio2a founder Adam Kruvand says the key to the success of their real interactive VR is the Unreal Engine from Epic.  “It’s the next-gen tech that everyone will be moving to in the next few years. With UE4Arch, we can create fully interactive 3D VR that allows users to move freely, virtually, through a project before any talk of permits and drawing sets.”

    Of course, 3D VR also offers another benefit. The immersive experience can be enjoyed by investors and buyers anywhere via the internet. Prospects from around the world can get a highly realistic visualization of their potential investment during pre-sale and pre-lease periods.  Project information and interactive finish or design options can also be included per the architect or real estate firm’s needs.

    Every Architectural firm and Real Estate Developer needs custom 3D architectural renderings.  “3d renderings are now the norm.  People expect architectural renderings as part of every new real estate project.  VR is the next step for those that want to set themselves apart with the latest and greatest tools available today, ” says Kruvand.

    Studio2a has more than 18 years of experience in creating stunning 3D content, apps, websites, architectural renderings, and more from their Chicago offices. If you need help creating immersive experiences for your client contact us about constructing fully customized, cutting-edge, and photo-realistic 3D rendering for your project.


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