20 years of 3d renderings with Studio2a | HISTORY
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Evanston, IL 60202, USA


    Studio2a’s journey began in 1999 when Adam Kruvand saw the need for a technology partner for design firms struggling to adapt 3d computer graphics into their workflow.  Thus Studio2a was founded, ushering in a new era of 3d architectural visualization in response to the static and time-consuming watercolor techniques of the previous century. One of the earliest dedicated 3d rendering studios, the firm soon became known for its creativity and digital solutions working beyond the limited technology of the day.  Soon Studio2a would branch out beyond architectural visualization into other client sectors.


    Computers quickly took over design-related industries.  Lead by engineers, CAD software quickly spread across the drafting tables of many firms.  Pencils soon gave way to computer monitors and keyboards. Studio2a moved to support these technological disruptions that clients were facing by bridging the gap from CAD to 3d for many smaller firms that didn’t have the resources to do so in-house.


    By the mid-2000s the industry had gone digital.  The speed and flexibility of computer graphics and 3d renderings affords a new level of design exploration.  Changing times meant keeping up with changes in technology, almost on a daily basis.  Working for industry leaders such as IDEO, HOK, Studio Gang, Wood & Zapata, and Workshop APD forced Studio2a to push the limits of technology and experiment with new hardware and software.  In the late-2000s, Studio2a led another dramatic shift in the design industry by incorporating BIM models into the 3d rendering pipeline.


    For almost 20 years we have worked with companies all over the world developing over 15,000 renderings.  We know images change the way people understand and experience design.  Working together with our clients to interpret their vision is our priority.  By developing a range of services we seek to extend our boundaries for new opportunities.


    Today Studio2a creates visual communications that deliver more successful projects through better design communication. We look beyond singular solutions and apply our experience in design and business to go beyond the architecture presentation. Take a look at our 3d renderings to see the range of our work.


    Your work has been tremendous, and your artistic services have enabled a whole new mode of doing business within our application. We are all extremely impressed and pleased with the product and what it will enable us to do. We also look forward to coming back to your shop when we need new angles, new products, and new environments!
    Jason Vacare, Carousel Designs
    Studio2a has a keen ability to turn a vision into a virtual / 3d reality. I have worked with Adam on a couple of projects and his work was above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Studio2a and look forward to working with Adam soon.
    Bill Williams, Karma Group Chicago
    The success of our presentation was largely due to the renderings. The collaboration we had with Studio2a allowed us to present renderings that were fully developed with our design scheme, materials, and overall concept of the project.
    Scot Campbell AIA, MR Architecture + Décor
    We continue to be blown away by the quality of your images. Our colleagues on this project could not believe what was produced in such a short period of time.
    Andrew D. Kotchen, Workshop/APD
    Everyone was in awe over your rendering! It is incredibly realistic!
    Julie Woodcock, JWC Environmental
    In my experience there is one firm combining this capability for computer animation with both video and architecture experience and that is Studio2a. Adam Kruvand combines education, experience and fluency across both of the mediums of video and computer animation but brings an understanding of architectural design that is critical to the contribution this work can make.
    Phil Hofstra, HOK Sport
    Studio2a’s photo realistic interior illustrations made client communications more efficient and helped avoid costly change orders.
    Mark Matuska, MR Architecture + Décor