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    Architectural Real Estate Renderings

    adamk /September 13, 2016 /Real Estate Development

    Studio2a (a Chicago based 3D architectural rendering firm) was recently recognized as a one of the most experienced leaders in creating affordable real-estate renderings for real estate land development projects.  

    Creating either a still rendering or movie animation of your proposed site has been an expensive endeavor.  By employing a 3d model based design workflow, Studio2a combines architectural based 3D rendering design tools with video game technology to create renderings that cost a fraction of what they were a few years ago.

    The trick to getting affordable real-estate renderings is to hire design consultants that are familiar with the architectural design process.  When creating construction and permitting plans for a land development project, Studio2a creates detailed 3D grading models that are a composite of existing topography and proposed design.  This aids in the expedient production of construction drawing but also allows for a quick and cheap transition into the creation of site renderings.

    For those clients that desire project renderings,  we encourage them to build a consultant team upfront that employs 3d model based design.  Your ideal project team should consist of:

    • Land Planners – CADD layouts, parking, ADA routes, building footprints
    • Surveyors – TINs, Point Cloud scanning, tree survey
    • Architect  – Revit building models
    • Landscape Architects – Sketchup models, 3D plant placement
    • Civil Engineer – Detailed Design surface, bring it all together

    Studio2a aggregates the design team’s’ data (building, paving, trees to remain, and proposed plantings) to create a full site model of the proposed development.  From the completed model, we provide the client a real time flythrough of the site allowing site lines to be evaluated in the context of the proposed grades prior to commencing construction.

    Rendered movies of the model assist with investing activities, permit review and stakeholder communications.  Additionally, these videos assist with securing the first tenants of the proposed sites.  In the past only large projects had the budget for visualization.  Studio2a  has cracked the code allowing us to create compelling visualizations within the constraints of smaller budgets.  Through a model based workflow, Studio2a can create project renderings that are a byproduct of good design.

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