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    Most Impressive Ski Homes CNBC

    adamk / January 25, 2010 / On the Web

    CNBC Most impressive ski homes – #1 and #2 are both Studio2a projects.

    The success of our presentation was largely due to the renderings. The collaboration we had with Studio2a allowed us to present renderings that were fully developed with our […]

    - Scot Campbell AIA, MR Architecture + Décor

    We hired Studio2a for a very important assignment on a very tight time schedule. The quality of the work was very good, and distinguished us from other competitors. […]

    - Todd Voth, Populous

    These [renderings] are perfect.  You guys are amazing.

    - David Fox, Stonefox

    In my experience there is one firm combining this capability for computer animation with both video and architecture experience and that is Studio2a.  Adam Kruvand combines education, experience […]

    - Phil Hofstra, HOK Sport

    It is Studio2a’s attention to detail and knowledge of construction that allows them to create such outstanding imagery. I am consistently impressed with their ability to visualize the […]

    - Wil Bruchmann, Chicago Architect

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